Star Stable Launches at Inferno Online!

Inferno Online is the world’s largest online gaming center, and is excited to announce the launch of Star Stable at our Odengatan 60 location in Stockholm, Sweden. At a special launch event on June 11, there’ll be free soda for everyone and the chance to meet the creators of Star Stable. There’ll also be loads of free goodie bag giveaways from the Star Stable team.

“It feels great to do something a little different than just e-sport and action games. Younger girls are a fun, new and interesting target group for us”, says Anton Budak, founder and co-owner of Inferno Online; “at Star Stable, they’ve noticed that there’s nowhere for girls to meet up and play so when the idea of working together with Inferno Online came up, it felt like a great opportunity to let girls from all over the country come together for a day of gaming and hanging out.”

Star Stable’s Head of PR Therése Forssell is looking forward to launch day; “there’s a huge and growing number of girl gamers today, and we think it’s totally obvious that they should have somewhere to hang out and play together. Inferno Online is the perfect place for this and we think the launch is going to be huge amounts of fun!”

She adds, “we’re travelling the world right now meeting players and Sweden is the natural spot for us to host a meet-up like this. In recent weeks we’ve been to Hungary, Poland and the United States and we’ve met thousands of players, and we can’t wait to see the turnout here at ‘home’. It’d be pretty cool if we had a few boys turning up as well!”

On June 11, Inferno Online launches Star Stable on all of its computers, and on the day, creators of Star Stable will be at the center to host a huge meet-up for all their players.

About Star Stable

Star Stable Online is a Swedish-developed MMORPG whose biggest audience is to be found amongst girls aged 7-17. The game is translated into eleven languages and has 7m+ registered users with players in 180 countries. The greatest number of players is in the USA, followed by Germany, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom. In Star Stable Online, your character gets to complete exciting quests – most often on horseback – in the magical fairytale landscape of Jorvik. Players can anonymously chat, play and hang out with other players online.

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